DJ Johnson - Vice President - Human Resources, Western News&Info, Inc.®

DJ came to Western News&Info, Inc.® (WNI) with more than 20 years of operational management and Human Resources experience for the fast paced retail industry. During her career in the retail industry, DJ focused on training and development, employee benefits/safety programs and payroll administration. Born in Montebello, Ca., and graduating from high school in Montana, DJ moved to Yuma, Arizona in 1982. Hired as the corporate employee benefits coordinator for WNI in 1996, she quickly moved up the ranks. Within 2 years, DJ assumed responsibility for WNI’s company-wide HR function along with training/development. In 2000, DJ was promoted to WNI’s Human Resources Director. DJ was named Vice President of Western News&Info, Inc.® in 2003.

Involvement in community affairs and organizations

  • Yuma Jaycee member: (1984- present) Foundation member, Life Member, Ambassador, Individual Development Chairman
  • Involved with the following organizations: Boys and Girls Club, Special Olympics, MDA, United Way, Salvation Army, Hospice of Yuma
  • Member, Society of Human Resources Management
  • Member, California Chamber of Commerce

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