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A Prescott Newspapers, Inc. publication.

Prescott Newspapers, Inc. publishes The Daily Courier, as well as The Prescott Valley Tribune, and The Chino Valley Review.

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About The Daily Courier

The Daily Courier is the only daily newspaper serving Yavapai County, and is by far the best-read newspaper in the county. Since 1882, The Daily Courier has been a vital part of this growing quad-city community. Not all of the news is good news, and readers don't always agree with the opinions expressed, but year after year The Daily Courier's regular subscribers renew, or they invest 75 cents at the newsstand (Monday through Saturday) or $1.50 on Sundays, to read The Daily Courier every day.

The Daily Courier is the only daily paid subscriber newspaper in the county reaching 14,000 subscribers or single-copy buyers during the week and 15,000 subscribers or single-copy buyers on Sundays. At 2.3 readers per copy, that gives The Daily Courier a total daily readership of more than 42,500 people during the week, and 48,500 on Sundays!

The Daily Courier's Pulse Research survey indicates that 88.1% of newspaper readers prefer The Daily Courier; 87 percent use the Courier when they are seeking merchandise and services; and 68 percent choose the Courier when placing a classified ad. Our readers peruse the display advertisements at least occasionally more than 87 percent of the time, and they read the inserts at least occasionally 81.5 percent of the time. Our readers' average household income is $57,594 and that is greater than the market average by nearly $5,000.

The Daily Courier readers' daily investment is a clear signal that these pages are being read!

Key Personnel


Joe Soldwedel
PNI Publisher,
Prescott Newspapers, Inc.


Kit Atwell
PNI Co-Publisher,
Prescott Newspapers, Inc.


Tim Wiederaenders
Community Editor


Ken Sain
News Editor


Les Stukenberg
Photo Editor


Brian Bergner
Sports Editor


Megan Smith
Advertising Manager


Jessica Walther
Business Manager


Cindy Manzione
Graphics Supervisor


Armando Rodarte
Plant Manager


Dru Stewart
Production Manager


Shawn Porter
Production Supervisor

Targeting Your Market

The Daily Courier staff consistently provides excellent service to their customers/readers. Not only is the daily publication given quality attention, The Daily Courier provides timely special magazines and sections aimed toward specific topics that focus readers on the community, businesses and seasonal events to bring effective, long-lasting information to consumers.

Examples in a typical year include Business Profiles, Home Improvement, Tourist Treasures, Prescott Frontier Days and Holiday Gift Guide. This is only a partial list. Contact our Advertising Department at (928) 445-3333 for a more extensive list of special sections and publications.

Reader Purchasing Power

Advertising in The Daily Courier has become a key ingredient in the marketing plans of this area's most successful businesses. Advertisers know they are reaching an audience of more than 42,500 during the week and 48,500 on Sundays for products to buy locally.

The Pulse Research shows that residents plan to spend more than $36.6 million on new car purchases in the next year!! The research shows other exciting percentages: 14 percent of our readers plan to spend for home repairs in the next 12 months, and 10 percent plan to remodel their home within the next year. Here is more: 46 percent of our readers own a computer, 12 percent plan to buy a computer and 18 percent report that they use the worldwide web.

Reader research reveals the following spending plans: $83 a week on groceries; $72 a month on eating out, and $11 a month on video rentals. Annual spending plans include: $338 on auto repairs, $222 on men's clothing and $338 on woman's clothing, $784 on medical services and $642 on home furnishings. And our readers indicate that they plan to spend $1,798 a year on vacations.

The research showed that our readers/consumers are looking for competitive prices on everyday needs like clothing, home supplies and groceries. The numbers show that our readers spend 77 percent of their purchasing dollars in this area. To reach the greatest share of that significant market, The Daily Courier, The Smart Shopper, The Prescott Valley Tribune and The Chino Valley Review must be your preferred medium!!

Other Valued Publications and Information

Our online Real Estate product Website is an excellent advertising resource that is maintained by Prescott Newspapers, Inc. It is a website tailored to match real estate buyers with sellers. It's a valuable tool for developers, Realtors, potential buyers and other related businesses: Mortgage, Insurance, Escrow, Moving Companies, Hotels, etc.

Advertising rates for are reasonable and flexible, including setup of featured buyers, sellers, photos of featured homes and personnel. The perks of our website include distribution to all local area real estate agencies, as well as other key locations around the country. is available for use 24 hours a day - it is a hot prospect to aid interested parties in moving to this area.

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Want to reach everyone in the quad-city area? Try The Smart Shopper, which is inserted into The Daily Courier on Tuesdays and is mailed to all Courier non-subscribers on Wednesdays.

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