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Reach more than 214,838 households with one Western News&Info, Inc.® buy! Make the most of your money by advertising with WNI - our publications include the following media:

  • Newspapers
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  • Magazines
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Distribution Information by Publication

Most WNI publications are audited by VAC. Please contact us for a copy of an audit. Distribution figures may not reflect an audited number.

Prescott Daily Courier
Smart Shopper
Covering Prescott, Prescott Valley, Chino Valley, Dewey-Humboldt and Mayer, Az.  
  Paid Circulation: 12,379
  Mailed/Home Delivered TMC distribution:

Prescott Valley Tribune Covering Prescott Valley & Dewey, Humboldt, AZ  
  Free Distribution:

Chino Valley Review Covering Chino Valley & Paulden, AZ  
  Free Distribution:

Today's News-Herald
Smart Buyer
Covering Lake Havasu City, AZ  
  Paid Circulation: 13,697
  Mailed/Home Delivered TMC distribution:

Parker Pioneer Covering Parker, AZ  
  Paid circulation:

Kingman Daily Miner
Smart Buyer
Covering Kingman, AZ  
  Paid Circulation: 7,049
  Mailed/Home Delivered TMC distribution:

Verde Independent
The Bugle
Smart Buyer
Covering Cottonwood, Sedona & Camp Verde, AZ  
  Paid Circulation: 3,947
  Mailed/Home Delivered TMC distribution:

Kudos Covering Sedona, AZ  
  Mailed TMC distribution:

Navajo-Hopi Observer Covering the Navajo & Hopi Nations  
  Free distribution:

Williams-Grand Canyon News     Covering Williams, Ash Fork, Seligman and the Grand Canyon, AZ  
  Free distribution:


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In recent years, the tremendous growth of newspaper web sites has attracted a diverse, new user to enhance the established print audience.  Online newspapers offer relevant, meaningful local news and information in a 24/7 environment.  Supplemented with video, audio, blogs, photo galleries, archives, community forums and now mobile communication features, online newspapers are constantly developing new technologies to connect with readers.

Eight in 10 (80%) of U.S. adults who were online accessed newspaper digital content.

ComScore - August, 2014

No Local Business Listings? No Search Engine Optimization? No website? WNI offers digital online solutions and services through their Digital Advertising Agencies and other venues…

We have several digital products to meet the needs of every business that wants to enhance their digital footprint on the Internet. Our Digital Agencies can build and maintain simple, turnkey online solutions to fit any need.

Costs for these online solutions may vary by geographical location. Please review the solutions and contact us at any of these locations for additional information.

928 Media Lab Phone: 928.759.7625
Kingman Digital Phone: 928.753.6397
Verde Digital Works Phone: 928.634.2241

These are the solutions we offer:

  • Local business listings ad reputation management
  • Social media management
  • Custom YouTube channel & video series
  • Website design
  • Blogging
  • Text marketing and email marketing
  • Geo-targeting, re-targeting, geo targeted mobile & geo targeted video
  • Video press release and print press release
  • Search engine marketing, search engine optimization